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Contact us to schedule a pre-NCT check.

Without an up to date NCT cert your car could face a fine of up to €1500 as well as 5 penalty points on your licence. Getting a Pre NCT test can help you pass your NCT first time and keep your car or vehicle on the road.

Pre-NCT Test

At Pat Conlon Motors, we offer a pre-NCT test, helping our customers ensure their vehicle passes the NCT the first time round. Our expert mechanics are able to check all aspects of a car or light commercial vehicle and highlight any issues which could cause it to fail the NCT. We look at and fully investigate every small detail no matter how insignificant it might seem.  If we do come across any issues, we will clearly outline them and offer an appropriate solution as well as providing a quote for the repair work required.

Passing your NCT is essential. Without it, your vehicle is not deemed roadworthy and you will be subject to penalty for driving it on the road. By visiting us before your NCT is due, you can guarantee that your vehicle is NCT ready. From our garage in Rathmines, Dublin 6, we carry out comprehensive check-ups which outline any existing or potential issues and how to rectify them. In cases where we have discovered that repairs are needed, a free quotation will be provided for the work required. Contact us today to schedule a pre-NCT check up service.

Contact Pat Conlon Motors today to book your car in for a professional and accurate pre NCT check up service in Dublin 

NCT Pre-Testing Dublin

As professional and experienced NCT Mechanics we check all components of your car in order to identify any issues that may cause an NCT failure. As part of the NCT pre-test we will provide you with a full report, highlight any repairs necessary and offer you a free quote fort his repair work. We recommend having the repair work carried out before your NCT as not doing so may result in a failure.

During the NCT pre-test we will check for:

Seat Belts
Steering Wheel
Headlamp Condition
Tyre Condition
Tyre Thread
Brake Fluid
Wheel Bearings
Wheel Alignment
And More
Mechanic workingon a car's axle

Contact us to schedule a pre-NCT check in our state of the art Dublin Garage.

Latest pre-NCT test Blog

NCT Pre-Test: Your Questions Answered

At Pat Conlon Motors, we're NCT prep experts. Over the years, we've helped countless cars pass the NCT with flying colours. We understand that even with our competitive prices, a pre-NCT check is an investment, and you likely have questions. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions below to make things easier.

Pre NCT Test FAQ

Can I check online when my car is due for an NCT?

You can check when your vehicle is due an NCT by visiting and inputting your car's registration number to search their database. 

What does Pat Conlon Motors do as part of their NCT pre-test?

We conduct a full NCT test where we, as closely as is possible, carry out the same checks that go into the actual NCT test. This includes but isn't limited to:


-            We assess if your vehicle has enough water and oil

-            We check and assess if your registration plates adhere to the latest regulations

-            Check your lights

-            Ensure the engine is in adequate shape to be tested

Can I drive my vehicle without an NCT?

No, the penalty for driving without an NCT is a fine and up to five penalty points. In extreme cases, a jail sentence can also be given for driving without an NCT. 

What cars are required to have an NCT?

Every car that is over four years old is required to complete an NCT test every two years. Vehicles that are over 10 years old need to pass an NCT annually. 

Where do you offer NCT Pre Testing in Dublin?

We can offer NCT services to customers all over Dublin. Our efficiency and cost-effectiveness mean we complete pre-NCT checks for clients throughout Dublin. So, for pre-NCT checks in Tallaght and pre-NCT service checks in Finglas, could you get in contact with our garage today?

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