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Frequently Asked Questions


What is car diagnostics?

Diagnostics uses state of the art equipment and technology to check the electrical component of your vehicle and diagnose the exact part or location of the fault.

What problems can diagnostics find?

Diagnostics can identify common issues with the ABS, Airbags, Fuel Consumption, Engine Management Systems, Alternators, Lights, Indicators and even more.

A light has appeared on my dashboard, what should I do?

If a warning light appears on your dashboard the first thing you should is consult your owner’s manual. This will let you know what the light is trying to warn you about.

Does the warning light tell me what part needs to be fixed?

The short answer is no. A warning light will indicate that a fault has occured inside your vehicles system, but it won’t pinpoint the exact item or part that has failed. This where diagnostics is useful.

I Know what the warning light means, now what?

Once you’ve consulted your manual and know what the warning light is, bring your vehicle to Pat Conlon Motors and we will run a diagnostics check to pinpoint the exact location of the fault.

Can you conduct the repair works?

Once we have identified the problem we will provide you with a full report of the diagnostics check and offer you a quote for the necessary repair works. If you are happy then one of our expert mechanics will repair the car for you.

Electronic Tunings

What is an electronic tuning?

All modern cars now run like computers, and everything from the window wipers to your radio is controlled by the Engine Control Unit or ECU. An electronic tuning checks that the ECU is working at maximum efficiency and identifying areas that may be in need of a repair. 

How do you find electrical faults?

At Pat Conlon Motors, we use diagnostics and fault finding equipment to conduct an electronic tuning. Our diagnostics tools will pinpoint the exact location of the electrical fault. For example if your electric windows are not working, we will be able to tell if there is a problem with electric motor, the button or the window itself. 

How do I know if there is a problem with my ELECTRICS or ECU?

Most electrical faults will trigger a dashboard light. If a light appears on your dashboard then you should bring your car in fro an electronic tuning straight away. However there can be some background problems that will not have a warning light. That is why we recommend undertaking an electronic tuning once a year, similar to how you would have your engine serviced regularly.  

How Long does an electronic tuning and repair take?

Our expert mechanics will have your electronic tuning complete in less than an hour as we use the most up to date diagnostic equipment. If repairs are required then we will have these competed as quickly as we possibly can.  



The National Car Test, or NCT, is a roadworthiness test required by law in Ireland. Without a valid NCT your car has not been declared safe to drive and it is illegal to drive it.  

WHat does the nct test for?

The NCT will test the brakes, exhaust emissions, wheels and tyres, lights, steering and suspension, chassis and underbody, electrical systems, glass and mirrors, transmission, interior and the fuel system

Why should i get a pre-test?

Failing your NCT means that your car is not worthy to drive on the roads. By getting a  NCT pre-test or pre-check you will be made aware of any potential problems ahead of time and have to opportunity to have the parts repaired before you test.   

What if you find an issue during the pre-test?

If we find any issues or problems during the NCT pre-test then will we will provide with a full report of the problem and the required repair works. If you are happy with your quote then we will conduct the repair works so you can pass your NCT and continue to dribe your vehicle. 

Where do you offer NCT Pre Testing in Dublin?

We can offer NCT services to customers all over Dublin. Our efficiency and cost-effectiveness mean we complete pre-NCT checks for clients throughout Dublin. So, for pre-NCT checks in Tallaght and pre-NCT service checks in Finglas, could you get in contact with our garage today?

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